Kenningtons Primary Academy

Class Mission Statements 2016/17

Class Mission Statements 2016/17

Class Mission Statements 2016/17

Koala class: In the Koala Class we are always kind to others. We come to school to learn new things, try our very best and we never give up trying.

Kangaroo class: The Kangaroos will always do our best. We will come to school every day so that we can enjoy learning new things together.

Kookaburra class: We will be kind to our peers and always try our best in class. We will always try to eat all of our lunch and help others in the classroom.

1K: In 1K we are learning while having fun! We will always be kind and helpful to others and make sure we listen to everyone in our class. Our Mission is to try our best in every lesson.

1B: In 1B we love to learn. We will always work hard and try our best in every lesson. We will also be kind and caring to each other at all times.

1M: We are kind to everyone. We know it is ok to make mistakes. We can work together and never give up. We don't want to let others down. We will always try out best.

2MA: We believe if we try our very best we can do anything we want to do in school. 2MA like to make new friends and make learning fun. We always help each other and learn by listening to our friends and our teachers. We love reading, writing and numbers.

2M: 2M are always learning by having fun, playing, reading and listening to others. 2M like to make new friends and try our very best always. 2M love to achieve gold stars.

2BW: In 2BW we are aiming to have lots of wow moments! We think that the children should work hard at their learning but have a lot of fun too. In 2BW we are friendly, helpful and always try our best.

3SB: We believe that being kind and respectful towards others make us good human beings. We believe that if we are positive about ourselves and others we will achieve more. We believe that if we are brave enough to ask questions and ask for help if needed, we will learn more and more each day. We believe that as a class we can achieve anything.

3H: 3H are helpful, kind to others and are keen to learn. We listen to our teacher and take pride in our work.

4C: We are 4c. In our classroom we are a team who carry out tasks to help us improve as much as possible. We are happy to try new challenges and learn new skills because adults and peers are there to listen, encourage and support us. We take pride in what we do and never give up!

4W: 4W promises to try our best in everything we do by never giving up and focusing on all tasks given to us. We will strive to be in the golden zone. Respecting each other will be shown through listening, being kind and being helpful. We will stick up for our classmates and support each other both outside and inside the classroom. We promise to keep safe in the classroom as well.

5M: We are 5M. We are a family who respect one another and help each other when needed. We consider learning to be fun and strive to know more about the world. We accomplish this by putting our best effort into everything we do. Every day we achieve our goals or work towards them by listening to and learning from others. We are all individuals but we have a common goal to be the best learners we can be.

5B: Our class is a team; teamwork is the best way to bond with others and build up your confidence. We believe you should never give up and always try your best so you can achieve your goals. Respect and listen to others and they will respect you back. 5B declare that we should enjoy precious moments while they last because they will soon be memories


5J: In our class, 5J, we believe that we should always help each other to achieve our personal goals. WE listen to each other so we can always do our very best. No one is better than anyone else. We always try our hardest in class. We work as a team and respect each other’s opinions, helping people through their trials. By putting our specialities together, we create a powerful class.

6N: We are a family, albeit a chatty one at times! We are unique because of our cultures and many talents. This year, not only do we wish to accomplish improved results but we want to improve as human beings. Each day we aim to learn new things whilst having fun! We will achieve our goals by listening well, working well as a team and by respecting every single person in school. Let’s embark on this journey!

6K: Our class is a confident and unique class. We challenge ourselves to reach our goals and we never give up. We are caring and respect one and work as a team to be a class to be proud of.