Kenningtons Primary Academy

Class Targets Autumn Term 2016

Class Targets Autumn Term 2016

Class targets Autumn Term 2016

Kookaburra class: To practise getting changed for PE quicker and help our friends when we are changed

Koala class: Our class target is to demonstrate friendly behaviour at all times by sharing the resources with others.

Kangaroo class: To be good role models for other children in our class.

1K: In 1K we are going to work hard to reach our own targets and we will always put our hand up and not call out.

1B: To tuck our chairs under and close our lockers sensibly.

1M: To listen to instructions more carefully and think about what is being said to us, so that more of us are doing what is expected.

2BW: To line up sensibly at least twice a day. To be able to complete the correct date and learning objective in two and a half minutes. To win the 100% attendance award twice more before the end of the term

2MA: 2MA are striving to identify and share positive things about every member of our class. We are thinking of ways that we can be more thoughtful and show more understanding when others have hurt our feelings.

2M: We always try to do our best in everything we do in school. We try to help others. Also, to get changed quicker in PE lessons.

3SB: To line up in line order in a straight line and being sensible so that we can move quickly from one place to another.

3H: To listen carefully in class.

4C: To be ready and listening during any part of a lesson and to always be in the learning zone.

4W: We want to be able to listen to all adults by the end of the Autumn term. We will know we have achieved this by there being at least 1 Jenga block left on the pile. We can earn 1 block back by all listening for the whole lesson.

5B: To always take part in everything we do in school and improve our personal times for ‘walking the world’.

5J: To try our best to be on time and always be ready to learn.

5M: We will work together to keep ourselves on task and show when we are ready to learn by facing forward quietly.

6N: It is our class target to behave as role models. To understand that our actions and behaviours will be seen by younger children in the school and it is important that they do not learn bad habits from us.

6K: To fill our marble jar to the red line by the end of half term. We will earn a marble every time we achieve something as a class, like everyone completing homework, reading, lining up quietly, working well.